Day 5 FRANCISCAN MONASTERY Theater Performance

Monday, Aug 1
Meals: B,L,D

We will start our morning with a pleasant walk towards Gornji Stoliv, an abandoned settlement located 820 feet above sea level. Similar to other settlements in Boka, Stoliv was initially established on the hill above the sea for better defense against enemies, who often came from the sea in this region. The resort on the coast was formed by the development of maritime trade in the 16th and 17th centuries, while the oldest written document in the Historical Archive in Kotor mentioning Stoliv dates back to the beginning of the 14th century. The road from the coastal village of Donji Stoliv to upper Gornji Stoliv leads through a centuries-old chestnut plantation, which was once planted towards the sea before the construction of the coastal resort.
In the afternoon, we will visit the town of Prčanj, famous for its rich heritage, culture and past maritime activities dating back to the 17th century. Along with the first translation of Dante Alighieri’s masterpieces to Southern Slavic languages, and the first regular postal service along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, there is one more primacy that belongs to Prčanj. Ivo Visin (1806), a sea captain and the first South Slav who circumnavigated the world with his sailing ship “Splendido” for commercial purposes, was born in Prčanj and was decorated with a flag of honor “Merito navali” by the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef. In the town of Prčanj, we will visit the 19th-century waterfront Our Lady’s Temple church, adorned with Corinthian and Doric columns, a magnificent double staircase, two gilded altars, and a spectacular bay view that showcases the village’s glory days filled with wealthy sea merchants.
In the evening, we will enjoy a theatrical performance of An Iiad, performed within the KotorArt International Festival in the courtyard of the old Franciscan Monastery in Prčanj. This interdisciplinary contemporary arrangement of Homer’s masterpiece, directed by Jonathan Fox (Ensemble Theatre Company, Santa Barbara, USA), featuring off-Broadway actor John Tufts and cellist Dimitri Prokofiev, is the result of long-term successful cooperation between sister cities of Kotor and Santa Barbara. After the show, a local priest will guide us through the Franciscan Monastery and its museum, where we will discover the technology of old printing presses, coining money, and making ship ropes. Before we head to the hotel, we will join artists at the VIP festival party and enjoy locally made food, wines, and rakija – the traditional short drink of this region.