Sunday, July 30
Meals: B,L,D

After a leisurely morning at the hotel, in the afternoon we will pay a visit to the home of Vlasta Mandić, an architect, chef, creator of the radio show Boka Cuisine, housewife, leader of a local women’s Klapa, and cookbook author. This remarkable lady will warmly welcome us into her home, where we will have the opportunity to discover the rich culinary identity of the Boka Bay, which has been shaped by recipes from various origins and influenced by contact with different cultures over the centuries. From the ancient Greeks, Illyrians, Byzantines, Ottomans, Venetians, French, Russians, Austro-Hungarians to the present day, the cuisine of the Boka Bay has integrated different culinary inputs and adapted them to local tastes, resulting in a unique and distinct flavor profile while still preserving the essence of the dish. We will have fun preparing local dishes and tasting excellent wines in a delightful setting within the gardens of a historic Kotor family.
In the evening, we will have the pleasure of attending a performance by the renowned concert pianist Ema Popivoda and the Profundis orchestra at the KotorArt Festival. After the concert, we will attend the VIP after-party and have the chance to mingle with exceptional European and Montenegrin musicians and artists.